Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards. You must read them carefully, and ensure that the Family Cardholder also reads them.

1. In these terms and conditions
a) Cooling-Off Period means the 10-day period after you have applied and paid for your Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards in which you may cancel the cards without charge.

b) Family Cardholder means the individual identified in your application and whose name appears on the Family Card. The Family Cardholder must be at least 13 years old.

c) Family Card means the subsidiary Prepaid MasterCard issued to the Family Cardholder.

d) Fees means the charges applied to transactions on the Prepaid MasterCard as set out in Clause 14.

e) Load or Loading means the process of adding credit to Your Card or the Family Card as detailed in Clause 4 below, and Loaded will be understood accordingly.

f) Prepaid MasterCard means either or both of Your Card and the Family Card, as the context requires.

g) a Shortfall occurs if a transaction is completed when there are insufficient funds on the Prepaid MasterCard for that transaction.

h) We, us or our means Bangla Bank, Bangla Money, or Card Services Ltd acting on its behalf.

i) Website means our website at www.banglamoney.com

j) you means the named card holder and authorised user of Your Card, being the person who has applied for Your Card and the associated Family Card. You must be over 18 and resident in the European Union or USA.

k) Your Card means the Prepaid MasterCard issued to you.

2. Introduction to the Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCard ®

2.1 The Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards consists of two linked Prepaid MasterCards: Your Card and the Family Card. The Family Card is intended to be used by a member of your family or a friend. You are responsible for use of the Family Card under this agreement.

2.2 Your Card is the primary card onto which you can Load money and share funds with the Family Card. You can manage both cards on-line at www.banglamoney.com.

2.3 Both Your Card and the Family Card will be sent to your address; each card needs to be activated separately. Subject to the restrictions set out below, the Prepaid MasterCards can be used at most locations that display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark, including shops, restaurants, online, or on the telephone.

2.4 Sufficient funds for a particular transaction (including any Fees that may be charged) must be Loaded onto the Prepaid MasterCard before use.

2.5 The agreement between you and us will always be valid for a period of 12 months longer than the validity of your current Prepaid MasterCard unless terminated. The Prepaid MasterCards can’t be used after their expiry date unless we send you replacement cards (see clause 7.7 below).

2.6 Please note the Prepaid MasterCard cannot be used if authorisation for the transaction is not requested electronically or the amount of the transaction is not known when authorisation is sought, such as with self-service petrol pumps.

2.7 The Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards are not credit cards and are not in any way connected to your bank account. You will not earn any interest on any funds Loaded on the Prepaid MasterCards.

2.8 You and the Family Cardholder are not entitled to any statutory protection that may apply to credit cards.

3. Applying for and activating your Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards
3.1 To apply for the Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards, you must be at least 18 years old and a UK European or USA resident. We will require evidence of who you are and your residential address. We may ask you to provide some documentary evidence to prove this and we may carry out checks on you electronically.

3.2 At the time of application, you must provide details of the Family Cardholder, who must be at least 13 years old. You must have the permission of the Family Cardholder to provide us with this personal information.

3.3 If identify verification checks are satisfied, you will receive both Your Card and the Family Card within 15 days of applying and paying for the Prepaid MasterCards.

3.4 You must sign the signature strip on the back of Your Card as soon as it is received.

3.5 You must activate Your Card as soon as you have received your PIN, following the instructions on the Website.

3.6 The Family Cardholder must sign and activate their Family Card in the same manner set out above.

3.7 Please refer to the Website for all card Loading options or refer to the “Loading the Prepaid MasterCard” section.

3.8 By activating Your Card you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. By activating the Family Card, the Family Cardholder is agreeing to these terms.

4. Loading the Prepaid MasterCard
4.1 Funds can be Loaded on to Your Card in a number of ways: Internet top up using your debit card (which must be in your name), cash top-up at PayPoint® retail outlets and the Post Office, and top ups from your bank account via bank transfer. Other Loading options may be added in the future, we will notify you if and when a Loading option is added.

4.2 Upon receipt, your funds will be available for use without delay. Loads from your debit card will be available on Your Card immediately once approved by your debit card issuer. Cash Loaded through PayPoint is generally available within 1 hour, and through the Post Office in 1 business day. Bank transfers will be Loaded onto Your Card within a maximum of 1 business day from our receipt of cleared funds. A Load Fee will be applied for each Load that you make (see The Fees section).

4.3 The Family Card may only be Loaded by sending funds from Your Card, either through the Website

4.4 There may be limits on the total amount that can be Loaded onto the Prepaid MasterCard in a transaction or in total, or the number of Load transactions that can take place per day or other period of time: please refer to the Summary Box section.

5. Using the Prepaid MasterCard
5.1 Detailed instructions on how to use the Prepaid MasterCard are found on the Website. The cardholder will need to follow these instructions when using the Prepaid MasterCard.

5.2 We will deduct the value of the transactions from the balance on the Prepaid MasterCard as soon as they are made. We will also deduct any applicable Fees as soon as they become payable by the cardholder (see The Fees section). If sufficient funds are not Loaded on the Prepaid MasterCard at the time of a transaction to cover the amount of the transaction and the Fees, the transaction will be declined.

5.3 The Prepaid MasterCard can only be used where the merchant requests authorisation electronically for the total amount of the transaction. Where authorisation is not sought, the transaction will be declined.

5.4 Like other payment cards, we cannot guarantee a retailer will accept the Prepaid MasterCard. We may also refuse to pay a transaction:
a) if we are concerned about security of the Prepaid MasterCard or we suspect the Prepaid MasterCard is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner;

b) If sufficient funds are not loaded on the Prepaid MasterCard at the time of a transaction to cover the amount of the transaction and any applicable Fees;

c) if there is an outstanding Shortfall on the Prepaid MasterCard in accordance with clause 14.4;

d) if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you or the Family cardholder are acting in breach of this agreement;

e) if we believe that a transaction is potentially suspicious or illegal (for example, if we believe that a transaction is being made fraudulently); or

f) because of errors, failures (whether mechanical or otherwise) or refusals by merchants, payment processors or payment schemes processing transactions.

5.5 If we refuse to authorise a transaction, we will, if practicable, tell you why immediately unless it would be unlawful for us to do so. You may correct any information we hold and which may have caused us to refuse a transaction by contacting us via the Website: www.banglamoney.com

6. Authorising Transactions
6.1 Subject to the features of the Prepaid MasterCard, the authorisation of a transaction by the cardholder can include authorising any single transaction, a series or recurring transactions (including transactions for an indefinite period) or pre-authorising future transactions of a certain or uncertain amount.

6.2 A Prepaid Card transaction will be regarded as authorised by the cardholder where the cardholder;

6.2.1 authorises the transaction at the point of sale by following the instructions provided by the merchant or retailer to authorise the transaction, which may include:

a) entering the PIN or providing any other security code;

b) signing a sales voucher;

c) providing the Prepaid MasterCard details and/ or providing any other details as requested;

d) waving or swiping the Prepaid MasterCard over a card reader

6.2.2 inserts a Prepaid MasterCard and enters the PIN to request a cash withdrawal at an ATM;

6.2.3 makes a request for a cash advance at any bank counter;

6.3 Authorisation for a transaction may not be withdrawn (or revoked) by the cardholder after the time it is received. However, the following transactions may be withdrawn if you or the Family Cardholder gives notice to the supplier (providing a copy of the notice to us):

6.3.1 any transaction which is agreed to take place on a date later than the date it was authorised as long as notice was provided no later than the close of business on the business day before it was due to take place;

6.3.2 direct debits if they are to occur after the date of the withdrawal.

6.4 We may charge a Fee if a transaction is revoked under this clause (see The Fees section).

6.5 We will pay the funds required by the retailer or merchant to cover the transactions authorised by the cardholder within 3 days of us receiving their request. A transaction (the payment order) will be received as follows:

6.5.1 for purchases and ATM transactions, at the time we receive the transaction instruction from the merchant acquirer or ATM operator;

6.5.2 for other transactions which are communicated directly to us, at the time the cardholder asks us to complete the transaction.

6.5.3 if, in relation to;

a) purchases and ATM transactions, we receive the transaction instruction from the merchant acquirer or ATM operator; or

b) other transactions communicated directly to us, you ask us to complete the transaction after 1pm, the transaction instruction or request will be deemed to have been received by us on the following business day.

7. Cancellation, suspension and expiry of the Prepaid MasterCards

7.1 You have a legal right to cancel both Prepaid MasterCards during the Cooling-Off Period. No administration Fee will be charged for cancellations in the Cooling-Off Period. Under these terms and conditions, you also have the right to cancel both Prepaid MasterCards at any time after the Cooling-Off Period. If either Prepaid MasterCard is cancelled, we will immediately block both Your Card and the Family Card so they cannot be used.

7.2 You will not be entitled to a refund of money already spent on transactions authorised or pending, or any Fees for use of the Prepaid MasterCards before the Prepaid MasterCards are cancelled or expire.

7.3 You can cancel the Prepaid MasterCards by sending an email to us using the ‘Contact Us’ function on the Website. Then cut both Your Card and the Family Card through the signature box, chip and magnetic strip, ensuring the chip is cut in half.

7.4 If you cancel the Prepaid MasterCards, once all transactions and Fees have been deducted, we will arrange for any unused funds (in excess of the administration Fee) to be refunded to you: see "Your Right to Redemption or a Refund" section for further information. An administration Fee may be charged (see The Fees section).

7.5 The Prepaid MasterCard belongs to us. We may ask you to stop using the Prepaid MasterCard and return it to us or destroy it. We may at any time suspend, restrict or cancel the Prepaid MasterCards or refuse to issue or replace a Prepaid MasterCard for reasons relating to the following:

a) we are concerned about security of your account or the Prepaid MasterCards we have issued to you;

b) we suspect your account is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner; or

c) we need to do so to comply with the law.

If we do this, we will tell you as soon as we can, and are permitted to do so, after we have taken these steps. In these circumstances, you must tell us what you want us to do with any unused funds within 3 months of the date we tell you the Prepaid MasterCards are cancelled.

7.6 We may also cancel this agreement for any reason by giving you at least 2 months’ notice:

7.6.1 if this agreement or the Prepaid MasterCard expires on a set date and we have not agreed to renew this agreement;

7.6.2 if you or the Family Cardholder break an important part of this agreement, or repeatedly break the agreement and fail to resolve the matter in a timely manner;

7.6.3 if you or the Family Cardholder act in a manner that is threatening or abusive to our staff, or any or our representatives;

7.6.4 if you fail to pay Fees or charges that you or the Family Cardholder have incurred, or fail to put right any Shortfall;

7.6.5 in the event of your death

7.6.6 There is a 5 month consecutive period of card inactivity.

7.7 The Prepaid MasterCards will be valid for 3 years. When this period expires, providing we have sufficient evidence of identity from you and unless we have been told otherwise, approximately 21 days before expiry we will automatically send you replacement cards if either of the Prepaid MasterCards have been used within the 3 months before the date of expiry and have sufficient funds to cover the replacement card Fees (see The Fees section). The replacement cards will be sent to the address we have on record for the holder of Your Card. At this point, this agreement will automatically renew with a validity of 12 months longer than that of your replacement Prepaid MasterCards, which will be valid for 3 years. Any funds on the Prepaid MasterCards will automatically be transferred to the new cards.. Please contact us if the Prepaid MasterCards have expired and you have not received your new cards.

8. Keeping the Prepaid MasterCard secure
8.1 Treat the Prepaid MasterCard like cash. If it is lost or stolen, some or all of the money on the Prepaid MasterCard may be lost, in the same way as if you lost cash in your wallet or purse. Therefore, keep the Prepaid MasterCard safe and do not let anyone else use it. Immediately memorise any PIN provided for it and destroy any notification. Keep the PIN secret at all times. Do not reveal your PIN to anyone: if you suspect that some-one else knows your PIN, you should change it as soon as possible. You can change your PIN at most ATMs by following the on-screen instructions. In no circumstances will we reveal a cardholder’s PIN to a third party.

8.2 We recommend that you check the balance on the Prepaid MasterCards regularly online at the Website. You can see the Prepaid MasterCards’ balance and recent transactions online at any time, and the Family Card Holder may check the balance on the Family Card at any time.

9. Lost and stolen Prepaid Card and unauthorised or incorrectly executed payments

9.1 If the Prepaid MasterCard is lost or stolen, or it is suspected that the Prepaid MasterCard has been used by someone other than the cardholder, the cardholder must tell us immediately by calling us on our 24 hour lost and stolen card helpline +44 (0) 000 so we can cancel the Prepaid MasterCard. We will refund any incorrectly executed transaction immediately unless we have any reason to believe that the incident has been caused by a breach of this agreement, gross negligence or we have reasonable grounds to suspect fraudulent activity.

9.2 However, if the investigations show that any disputed transaction was authorised by the cardholder, or the cardholder has acted fraudulently or with gross negligence (for example by failing to keep the Prepaid Card or PIN secure), you may be liable any loss we suffer because of the use of the Prepaid Card, whether it is Your Card or the Family Card, and we will charge an administration Fee (see The Fees section).

9.3 The cardholder will not be liable for losses which take place after informing us about the loss or theft of the Prepaid MasterCard, as long as this is confirmed in writing within 3 days.

9.4 If, after reporting a lost Prepaid MasterCard, the Prepaid MasterCard is subsequently found, do not use it. Cut the Prepaid MasterCard in half through the signature box and magnetic strip, and ensure the chip is cut in half.

10. Your liability
10.1 In the event that you or the Family Cardholder do not use the Prepaid MasterCards in accordance with these terms and conditions or we find that you or the Family Cardholder are using either of the Prepaid MasterCards fraudulently, we reserve the right to charge you for any reasonable costs that we incur in taking action to stop you or the Family Cardholder using the Prepaid MasterCards and to recover any monies owed as a result of such activities.

11. Our liability
11.1 We will not be liable for any loss arising from:

11.1.1 any cause which results from abnormal or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, consequences which would have been unavoidable despite all our efforts to the contrary; or

11.1.2 a retailer refusing to accept the Prepaid MasterCard; or

11.1.3 our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;

11.1.4 loss or corruption of data unless caused by our wilful default.

11.2 We are also not liable for:

11.2.1 business interruption, loss of revenue, goodwill, opportunity or anticipated savings;

11.2.2 any indirect or consequential loss.

12. Your right to redemption or a refund
12.1 You may redeem the funds on the Prepaid MasterCard at any time, in whole or in part. To do so, phone us on +44 (0) 1266666. If you request redemption of all funds on your Prepaid MasterCard, please confirm in writing that you have destroyed your Prepaid MasterCard by cutting it up.

12.2 When we process your redemption request, we will charge a redemption Fee (see The Fees section) if one of the following circumstances applies:
12.2.1 You are requesting redemption before termination or expiry of this agreement;

12.2.2 You cancel this agreement before any agreed termination or expiry date; or

12.2.3 You request redemption more than one year after the date of termination or expiry of this agreement.

We will not redeem the value of the funds on your Prepaid MasterCard if your request for redemption is made more than 4 years after the date of expiry or termination of this agreement. 12.3 For all refunds (including where your application has been refused) and redemptions, we will send a cheque to your last notified address or arrange an electronic transfer to a bank account nominated by you. However, to enable us to comply with our legal obligations, we may ask you to provide us with certain information before we can process your refund or redemption request in accordance with legal requirements.

13. Changes to these Terms and Conditions
13.1 We may change these terms at any time by notifying you by e-mail or other agreed means at least 2 months before the change is due to take effect. The up-to-date version of the Prepaid MasterCard terms and conditions will always be available on the Website. The change will automatically take effect and you will be taken to have accepted the notified change unless you tell us that you do not agree to the change. In that event, we will treat that notice as notification that you wish immediately to terminate. In such circumstances we will refund any balance on the card in accordance with section 12 above and you will not be charged a refund Fee.

13.2 We may make immediate changes to the exchange rate used to convert foreign transactions into Sterling. For all transactions made in a foreign currency you can find out what the applicable exchange rate was at the time of the transaction on your on-line statement.

14. The Fees
14.1 Please see the Fees in the Summary Box at clause 27.

14.2 When you use the Prepaid MasterCard at an ATM, you may also be subject to applicable fees, surcharge rules and regulations of the relevant ATM, or other financial institution or association.

14.3 If we decide to increase or impose any new fees, we will tell you by e-mail, SMS text message, or post, at least two months before any changes take effect.

14.4 Authorisation will be requested for all transactions at the time of each transaction. In the event, for any reason whatsoever, a Shortfall occurs, the Shortfall shall be reimbursed by you unless it is due to an error on the part of the retailer where the Prepaid MasterCard was presented, in this circumstance we may seek the Shortfall from the retailer.

14.5 You agree that once we make this Shortfall known to you, we may charge you for the Shortfall amount. We may charge the amount of the Shortfall from any other Prepaid MasterCard that you hold with us, including the Family Card, to any other payment method which you may designate at that time, or against any funds which you may subsequently Load onto Your Card or on any additional Prepaid MasterCard ordered by you. Until we are reimbursed the Shortfall amount, we may suspend Your Card, the Family Card and any additional Prepaid MasterCards connected to you. In addition, we reserve the right to charge you an administration Fee for each transaction that you make using the Prepaid MasterCard that results in a Shortfall or increases the Shortfall amount on the Prepaid MasterCard.

15. Your details
15.1 You must let us know as soon as possible if you or the Family Cardholder change name, address, telephone number, mobile number or e-mail address. If we contact you in relation to the Prepaid MasterCard, for example, to notify you that we have cancelled your Prepaid MasterCard or to send you a refund by cheque, we will use the most recent contact details you have provided to us. Any e-mail or SMS text message sent to you or the Family Cardholder will be treated as being received as soon as it is sent by us. We will not be liable to you or the Family Cardholder if the contact details have changed and we have not been informed.

16. Data protection
16.1 In purchasing the Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards on the Website and using Your Card, you agree that we can use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The Family Cardholder consents to our use of their personal information when they activate the Family Card. The cardholder can tell us if they don't want to receive any marketing materials from us. The cardholder has the right to inspect personal data we hold about them. To inspect any of personal data held by us, the cardholder will have to pay us an administration Fee. To inspect personal data held by us, contact us in any of the ways set out in the Communication clause below.

17. Privacy Policy
17.1 The data controller of personal data given to us in connection with your Card is Bangla Finance, a company registered in England and Wales with company registration no. 0999999, whose registered office is at

17.1.1 as confidential and will only disclose the same in the circumstances set out below; and,

17.1.2 in accordance with data protection and privacy legislation from time to time in force in England and Wales.

17.2 We will process your personal data in order to open, administer and run your Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards and to deal with any enquiries you have about them.

17.3 Data collected in relation to you and your use of the Prepaid MasterCard may be used by us and our group companies to analyse where and how you use your Prepaid MasterCard.

17.4 We may use third parties to process personal data on our behalf including third parties outside the EEA and by submitting your application you consent to your personal data being transferred outside of the EEA and disclosed to such third party processors.

17.5 We will share your personal data with MasterCard, Card services, Brac Or Barclays, and our and their respective group companies, in order to process your application for your Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards, and to administer their ongoing use.

17.6 If you opted in as part of the application process, we and our group companies may use your personal data to contact you by phone, email, post and SMS with offers in relation to their products and services.

17.7 We may check all personal information given by you with credit reference or fraud prevention agencies and other organisations, We may perform a search of your credit file in order to verify your identity. The agencies may keep a record of your information and the searches made.

17.8 Other than as required by law, or as set out in this privacy statement, we will not disclose information about you to any third party without your permission

17.9 You may raise queries as to the personal information held by us about you, let us know about changes to your personal information or contact us if you no longer wish us to use your personal information, at any time using the ‘Contact Us’ facility on the Website. We may charge a Fee (see the Fees section) if you request a copy of the personal data held by us.

18. Disputes with retailers
18.1 If there are any disputes about purchases made using the Prepaid MasterCard, these should be settled with the person that the goods or services were bought from. We are not responsible for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with the Prepaid MasterCard. Remember that once the Prepaid MasterCard is used to make a purchase we cannot stop that transaction.

19. Communication
19.1 If you have an enquiry relating to the Prepaid MasterCard, use the ‘Contact Us’ facility on the Website. We will deal with all enquiries promptly. Alternatively, call our customer service telephone line on +44 (0) 16666666. Call costs from mobile networks or outside the UK may vary. Services requested from the IVR will limited to the cost of the call charged by your service provider.

20. Complaints
20.1 The Prepaid MasterCard programme is managed by Bangla Money and Brac or Barclays Card Services Ltd. If you are unhappy in any way with the Prepaid MasterCard or the way it is managed, tell us by using the ‘Contact Us’ facility on the Website so we can investigate the circumstances. Any complaints will be dealt with quickly and fairly. You may be able to take unresolved complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR. Telephone: 0845 080 1800 or +44 (0)20 7964 1000 (for calls from outside the UK) and e-mail: enquiries@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

21. Compensation
21.1 The Prepaid MasterCard is an electronic money product and although it is a product regulated by the Financial Services Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses claimed in connection with the Prepaid MasterCard. This means that in the event that Brac or Barclays becomes insolvent your funds may become valueless and unusable and as a result you may lose your money.

22. Assignment
22.1 We may assign the benefit and burden of these terms and conditions to another company at any time, on giving at least 2 months’ prior notice of this. If we do this, the cardholder’s rights will not be affected. Neither you nor the Family Cardholder may assign your rights.

23. Transfer to a new prepaid MasterCard issued by a different bank
23.1 We may transfer your unused balance to a new prepaid card provided by a prepaid card issuer other than Brac or barclays at any time. Before we do this, we will send you an e-mail and/or SMS text message and/or letter with at least 2 months’ notice of the new prepaid MasterCard arrangements and the new prepaid MasterCard terms and conditions. Unless you advise us within the 2 month period that you do not want a new prepaid MasterCard from the new prepaid MasterCard issuer, you agree that we can automatically transfer the unused balance on the Prepaid MasterCards to new prepaid MasterCards provided by the new MasterCard issuer.

24. Governing law
24.1 All communications will be in English. These terms and conditions will be construed in accordance with English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

25. Fund Protection
25.1 As a responsible e-money issuer, Brac or Barclays nsures that once it has received your funds they are deposited in a secure account, specifically for the purpose of redeeming transactions made by Your Card and/or the Family Card. In the event that Brac or \barclays comes insolvent funds that you have Loaded which have arrived with and been deposited by Brac or Barclays are protected against the claims made by creditors.

26. Prepaid MasterCard issuer
26.1 Your Bangla Money Prepaid MasterCards are issued by Brac or Barclays whose principal office is, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (registered number 1) as a building society and an issuer of e-money. B & B is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority as an issuer of e-money (registration no. 1). Each Prepaid MasterCard is the property of Brac or Barclays and is not transferable to anyone else.

27. Summary Box


The information contained in this table summarises key product features and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions

On Application

Card issue fee

£14.95 includes 2  cards; Your Card and the Family Card


Minimum Load amount:  £10

Maximum Load amount: £3000

Maximum card balance: £9000

Usage Restrictions

The Family Card can only be Loaded from Your Card

Your Card holder must be 18 years or over

Family Card holder must be 13 years or over

You cannot use your card at Self Service Petrol stations.  For full details please refer to section 2.6 of the Terms and Conditions

On-going Features

Replacement Fee

Lost/stolen or replacement card fee £7.50

Replacement PIN fee £0.60p

Transaction Fees

UK and International transactions FREE

Cash withdrawal Fees

Cash withdrawal at UK £1.50
International ATM £2.00

Foreign exchange Fee

2% of transaction amount in currencies other than GBP

Service Fees

90 Days inactivity £1 per month thereafter

Balance Enquiry

Via IVR: Cost of call only (UK landline)

Online - FREE

Load fees and limits

Load fee via bank transfer – FREE. Limit £3000

Load fee via debit card - £1. Limit £200

Load fee via Post Office - £1.Limit £500

Load fee via Paypoint – 3%.Limit £500

Maximum number of loads per day 2



Cancellation or Redemption

Card cancellation fee £10/ Redemption fee £10



Card valid for 2 years

Note that by calling our telephone lines on +44 (0) you will be charged at the UK National rate. Calls from outside the UK will vary.


MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Card issued by BRAC or BARCLAY pursuant to licence by MasterCard International. BRAC or BARCLAY is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority as an issuer of e-money (registration no. 1). The Prepaid Card is an electronic money product and although
it is a product regulated by the Financial Services Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses claimed in connection with the Prepaid Card. This means that in the event that BRAC or BARCLAY becomes insolvent your funds may become valueless and unusable and as
a result you may lose your money. Local laws in Bangladesh mean that you may not send secondary cards toBangladesh for the purposes of money share.
Bangla Money is a trading name of Superior Negotiators
INFO : info@superiornegotiators.com